General Rules

Any breach of the rules below will be enforced by a member of the Command Team. Punishments may be allocated dependant on the severity of the infraction. Punishments may include but are not limited to are; bans from the server/website, patrol bans, demotion, loss of specialist skills, loss of privileges.


Any identified case of Multi Clanning will see a member permanently banned with immediate effect and no opportunity of re-application to the community. No misconduct board will be heard for instances of Multi Clanning.


Any breach of the below rules will see a member liable to a misconduct infraction. Breaches will be dealt with via line management at their discretion. Any escalation in offences or challenge imposed will see the member subject to a misconduct board as below.


Any member that leaves, resigns or "rage quits" whilst on a ban of any sort, is liable to be permanetly removed from the community.

Requirement Prior to an Application

- You must be 14 years of age.

- You must be mature, well-mannered and patient.

- You must be good at speaking, reading and writing in English.

- You must have access to the TeamSpeak 3 Application and possess working microphone.

- You're copy of GTA V must be legal. 

- You must not be a member in any other emergency services which are whitelisted role-play communities. If you are, you must leave any other communities prior to being accepted into PSRPC. 

- Holding a senior leadership position in another gaming community must be disclosed within the interview stage or as soon as practicable. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Gold Command Team.

Rules of Membership

- All registered members must use the same name on Wixs and TeamSpeak3. 

- Members must stay as active as possible.

- Members shall post a Leave of Absence request if they plan to go inactive for more than 5 days.

- Members must be willing to partake in community activities (e.g. Roleplaying events) - if you are observed as being unwilling to make a contribution you may lose you're membership.

- The Gold Command Team reserves the right to revoke membership of any members for any reason they see fit.

- The Gold Command Team have the final say in all community related matters.

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