welcome to the pol Scot RPC application process (Please Note We are closed at this time if you apply please beware that  you will be sent an email with an update regarding your application if we do decided to reopen in the future Thankyou PSRPC HR Team)

To maintain high levels of quality and to keep the standards within this community high, we are a whitelisted community. Due to this you will be required to complete our application form below. More information on the next stage will be provided after the successful completion of you're application. 

Prior to the completion of you're application please read our Regulations which are stated below:

• You must be at least 14 years of age.  

• You must hold a legal version of Grand Theft Auto V for PC.  

• You must be literate in the English Language.  

• You must have access to the Teamspeak 3 Client which requires a working microphone.  

• You must not be in another server which is considered to be a whitelist community If you are, you must leave that community before continuing with this application.

Section 1 - Personal Details 


Section 2

Application Questions

In this section it is important that you're answers are relevant and well structured which highlights to us  that you have given due consideration towards you're application to ensure it meets the required suitable level. In order for us to assess you're application, we require more detailed answers in the sections below and it is suggested that you use between 150 to 200 words per each question. Please note that we may reject an application where the answers are insufficient in length.

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